What is different about Denakop


The search for efficiency is what inspired us to develop our own platform. Since programming the code until drawing visual aspects, everything has been designed to structure a unique and precursor tool, capable of meeting the growing demand in the advertising market for high results.


The creativity needs space to achieve its potential. Therefore, we left the entire screen for the display of advertising, allowing to show not only the ad interface, but the real feeling that exists behind each campaign.


We believe that innovation is part of a constant and necessary movement. The company has been originated from an invention under patent process. After that, many changes have and still being made, proving that innovation is beyond our DNA: it is our own work ethic.

We dream in full screen

The space your advertising deserve

Our technological platform is specialized at serving high-impact ads in large-scale. We deliver full screen and online media for desktop, mobile and tablet.

Product Image
Product Image

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Segmentation and control

We work hard to make every single experience unique. Through the panel, you can define time slots, days of the week, types of advertising, per user frequency and much more.

Real-time reporting

Follow your page through a new perspective and track the results. The system provides detailed information about each aspect and in real time. Always remember that data are worth more when are quick.

Malleable technology

We know that every page and public have unique characteristics. The technology has been designed for adapting to the requirements of the denakoper and ensure that advertising will always effective and never invasive.

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