At the beginning of 2013, we started to develop a platform that would work in a new way. The algorithm had been designed according to the specifications contained in a patent application, filed by us in that same year. The story continued full of innovations, ideas and accesses coming from almost all places. Along the technological validation process, our plataform has delivered media for more than two million people, distributed across the five continents of the planet. The perception and deep study of all data is what made us to be sure that we were following the right path. The accumulated information enabled us to constantly work on remodeling both technological and analytical systems, until we finally arrive at the excellence with which we dreamed since the beginning.

    Today, our technology is present in numerous virtual pages and millions of people are reached every month. We keep committed to build a better user experience and we are very happy to know that our platform has served and continues to enhance and facilitate the lives of those who work in virtual environments. Unlike distant companies, we believe in the creativity of those who produce and share content on the Internet. Denakop values the ability to invent and being artists that people have, because we see something in these qualities that points towards social and human development. It is with great happiness that we are contributing to form a more democratic, free, more pluralistic, broad and strong network. This feeling is what inspire us to work every day, in order to become a platform that breathes simplicity, quality and innovation.

    The internet became the most important mean of communication on the planet. Everywhere, thousands of people are having the chance to express themselves and interact freely for the first time in their lives. By the power of words and new ideas, generations are transforming the way of acting, thinking and being of all mankind. Changes arise at the same speed at which technology develops, giving the modern world the privilege to be writing a future that will soon be turned into reality. What used to take decades or centuries is happening in days, hours, minutes and seconds. We proudly are involved in this moment, walking alongside those who use creativity as its larger flag.

That’s our history, our concept and our spirit.

Let’s dream in full screen.