High impact. High technology.

    We know that advertising is something relevant for content producers. We also know that economic bias does not mean everything: ads still have to match and be appropriate to the demand of the websites visitors. Our team takes this principle really seriously.

    While was being developed, our platform has been subjected to two extensive validation environments that monitored reactions of over two million different people. In practice, by studying these data, we understood which were the adjusts needed for advertisements never to be annoying for users.

    Delivering high-impact media (see example) is what our system do best. We have all of the necessary resources to customize displaying templates to the specific needs of each case. Depending on the manner and frequency with which it is presented, advertising can be effective or invasive. The interpretation will vary, depending on the audience. We believe that only the one who brought - and keeps - visitors to the content can say what is the ideal amount of advertising.

    Through the panel, you can, in an instant, change settings that enable to limit the advertising display by time slots, days of the week, per user frequency, device and many other features. Become a Denakoper and surprise yourself with our platform.