Our platform was built to be intelligent. Truly intelligent.

    Buying online media can require months of planning by the advertising agencies and businesses. Our team works to facilitate this process and also to ensure the return over investment. How? We commit ourselves with the results, leaving the customer virtually free of any concern. Since the developing of our technology, the system has been designed to fit with the simplification of market models.

    We take all of the critical issues in our hands and focus on solving them. We count with an advanced analytical system, centered on a logical-mathematical model that is able to recognize current and past patterns. Based on them, changes or suggestions are made to conduct all campaigns to higher results. The programming code always seeks to increase the efficiency of advertising that is being delivered, properly intervening at each one of them. All this is done in real time. We transform the future into the present. Literally.

Did you know? Depending on the case, to avoid loss in efficiency, the algorithm can intervene on an advertisement over two thousand eight hundred times in one only single day.

    The Denakop system was built to exclusively serve the online advertising environment. However, platforms whose logic assimilates to ours can also be found in financial and insurance markets, for example. We trust in our technology and work with the most advanced concepts in the analytical segment to maintain the level of excellence.