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Denakop helps Brazil's largest publishers optimize their websites and reposition digital advertising offerings with diagnostics and data-driven solutions. Our technology is integrated with several demand platforms, including Google, Xandr, Criteo, RTB House, ROIx, Verizon, Smart, etc., in addition to having a header bidding already implemented on our server.

How do we do it?

We handle all aspects of advertising on your site so you can focus on creating great content while enjoying passive income.

Smart services
for the digital age

Our services help to uncomplicate the universe of programmatics and extract value from content, campaigns and audiences, unlocking new revenue. We eliminate programmatic complexity and expand the possibilities you can explore to maximize your revenues.

Formatos automáticos Automatic formats

Get access to a variety of advertising formats with automatic placement from the implementation of a single tag.

Antecipação financeira Financial advance

Anticipate your receipts without having to wait for fixed deadlines established by other platforms.

Campanha Diretas Direct campaigns

With over 10 years in direct sales, we help our clients to optimize campaign performance.

Campanha Diretas Advertiser blocking

On Denakop, you block both specific competitors and market categories to avoid any risk of conflict between your advertiser and their respective competitors.

Campanha Diretas Best Deals on Header Bidding

Guarantee that your website will have access to the best deals and advertising campaigns.

Simplification and new revenue sources

  • Preferential agreements

    Strategies to facilitate the negotiation of preferential agreements with agencies and advertisers interested in running campaigns on your website.

  • Implementation simple and quick

    Only one TAG is required for activating our banners. Nothing else! All the rest of the configuration is done by Denakop.

  • Specialized support

    Specialists dedicated to evaluating and monitoring the results of content, campaigns and audiences and operating the necessary optimizations to maximize your revenues.

  • High performance formats

    Special formats to explore various possibilities on your website that can be implemented through a single tag, in a matter of minutes.

A complete platform

Manage all the possibilities of the programmatic advertising universe through a unique solution that allows quick activation and display control of numerous formats.

Uma plafatorma completa
Campanha direta

Real time Dashboard

Track campaign and audience results in real time through simple and intuitive dashboards.

17 seg

Control the intensity of your ads

16 seg

Enable or disable formats with one button

20 seg

Generate real-time report of your inventory

High performance formats

Denakop's technology automatically places ads, ensuring exposure in places with the highest audience interaction and the best metrics.


IAB formats

Count on a partner to automate the entire advertising sales process from start to finish. Denakop helps you create strategic sales material that values ​​the formats available on your page, in addition to carrying out the entire implementation. We also make available a variety of special formats positioned in highly visible locations in order to explore various commercial possibilities on your website.


AMP formats

The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) standard for mobile devices was created by Google to accelerate the delivery of digital content from pages with fast loading and responsive design on smartphones.

The AMP tag available on the Denakop platform can quickly be activated and deactivated, without the need for technical knowledge, allowing publishers to monetize content through non-intrusive native advertising solutions, fast loading and adapted to the context in which they are inserted.


Painel em tempo real (Dashboard)

Gerencie todas as possibilidades do universo de publicidade programática por meio de uma solução única que permite rápida ativação e controle de exibição de inúmeros formatos. Além de acompanhar os resultados de campanhas e audiências em tempo real por meio de painéis simples e intuitivos.


Consulting specialized in programmatics

With over 10 years of experience in the programmatic media market, Denakop provides its partners with consultancy on the digital market. We take the technical, marketing and commercial strategies used by large portals, adapted to your company size and investment potential, always with the aim of increasing revenue and audience.


Inventory optimization

At Denakop, the decision to activate the format is solely up to the publisher, leaving our technology free to adapt to the user's experience. With our TAG embedded within your website code, you have access to the best revenue optimization techniques on the market, over 50 on-demand platforms.

Formatos alinhados às políticas da Coalition For Better Ads

Formats in line with Coalition For Better Ads policies

The Coalition for Better Ads (CBA) is a global initiative that encourages the adoption of ad standards in order to promote a more harmonious relationship between online advertising and consumers.

These patterns were defined based on surveys of users from around the world to identify consumer preferences and what bothers them most about digital ads on the web or mobile.

Denakop has more profitable ad formats for delivering media that meet the Coalition For Better Ads definitions, providing a less intrusive and more enjoyable experience for consumers.

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Founded in 2011, Denakop has among its clients large vehicles, as well as medium and small publishers from all regions of Brazil. Altogether, there are more than 350 partner publishers that together add up to an inventory of more than 18 billion pageviews. (year)

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Maintaining a direct connection with our editors is essential to ensure an inventory result and performance.

You can count on our assistance 24 hours a day through our service channels.

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