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Denakop's platform brings together more than 350 partner publishers that together add up to an inventory of more than 21 billion pageviews annually that can be leveraged by advertisers of all sizes to run campaigns with qualified audiences and reach throughout Brazil.

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Ours Big Numbers

We are a platform directly connected to the inventory of more than 350 Brazilian websites, ensuring the reach of our formats in all regions and cities of the country.

2 BI

impressions per month


of viewability

*average percentage for high impact formats

80 millions

of users per month

Monthly inventory volume - Brazil

Data: Google Ad Manager: january, 2022.

78 milions
North East:
375 milions
247 milions
1 billion
305 milions

The best solutions
for your advertising campaign

Boost your business and increase your brand visibility to new audiences with special formats.

Antecipação financeira Direct advertising purchase

Optimize your advertising dollars with a world-class platform, connected to the most important publishers in the market.

Veiculação de campanhas diretas Advanced segmentation

Reach targeted audiences and deliver personalized messages to your customers and prospects.

Bloqueio de anunciantes High impact formats

Native advertising formats in strategic positions on premium sites with a viewability rate above 90% provide greater chances of attracting visits and generating conversions.

Bloqueio de anunciantes Customer Success

A specialized team with extensive experience in managing direct sales campaigns will monitor your campaign.

Formatos especiais Audit and measurement

Integrated analytics of all your media campaigns and KPI tracking to streamline marketing decision making.

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Formats with viewability
over 90%*

Formats with viewability
over 90%*

Considered one of the main campaign effectiveness metrics, it indicates how many times the ad was seen by the public and had a chance to convert. Low viewability prevents any campaign from succeeding. *Media for high impact formats MORE

Unlike other platforms that have publisher-defined advertising formats, Denakop implements automatic formats that are displayed in standardized locations. Ensure delivery quality and viewability.


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Maintaining a direct connection with our editors is essential to ensure an inventory result and performance.

You can count on our assistance 24 hours a day through our service channels.

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