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Recreating the advertising experience

With 10 years in the market, Denakop revolutionizes advertising. We are a platform that helps publishers monetize content through programmatic media. We make it easier for our customers to monetize and implement new advertisement formats through our simple, intuitive and efficient platform.

Denakop technology connects your website to new revenue streams. Through an intuitive dashboard, you control which ad formats you want to turn on and off on your site, with just one click! And you can even track all important metrics in real time, such as: balance, impressions, requests and others. You can define on which device you want to serve a certain advertising format, set a display frequency and much more!


A technology prepared to make a difference

We work on different interfaces, serving the publisher from a broad perspective

Formatos especiaisImplementation simple and quick

Only one TAG is required for activating our banners. Nothing else! All the rest of the configuration is done by Denakop.

Veiculação de campanhas diretas Maximize your inventory

The optimization intelligence behind Denakop technology allows you to deliver an average fill rate (or purchase rate) above 90% to your customers.

Antecipação financeira Real time results

Track banner performance in realtime on a dashboard that can be accessed from any device.

Bloqueio de anunciantes Total control of the inventory

At Denakop the decision to format activation is from the publisher, with only one click you decide which formats enable.

Bloqueio de anunciantes Specialized assistance

At Denakop, we have a team of qualified professionals available for 24/7 service.

Recreating the advertising experience

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Our products
Our products and services

Our products and services help simplify the world of advertising, unlocking new recipes.


High Impact Formats


IAB formats
That adapt to the layout of the website


AMP formats


Header Bidding


Advertising specialist consultancy


Inventory optimization


Denakop has been our partner for over a year and we have always had excellent results together. The team is extremely qualified and support is fast and efficient. We are very happy with the partnership.

Fatos Desconhecidos


We are in the beginning of a partnership with Denakop and already, we can see expressive results. We believe that the partnership has great potential, and working with a 100% Brazilian company is very exciting.

Gazeta Esportiva

Denakop helped us with the implementation of a single TAG. We started to easily manage the various special formats in its panel, increasing the portal's revenue by 35%.

Correio do Povo

straight with you

Maintaining a direct connection with our editors is essential to ensure an inventory result and performance.

You can count on our assistance 24 hours a day through our service channels.

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