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Denakop announces expansion to the US and projects revenues of R$ 20 million in 2019

Brazilian startup Denakop, creator of the country's first predictive analytics platform for advertising, is targeting global expansion with a focus on premium publishers and deals with trading desks.

Denakop, a startup specializing in digital advertising, takes another important step in its growth. The company has just opened a new office in the United States, as part of the strategy to make its operations global. With this, Denakop hopes to increase its sales in 2019, reaching BRL 20 million.

The opening of the office will make it possible to increase investments, including for the development of a new solution that will allow more assertive decisions to be taken when it comes to increasing the efficiency of a format, all in real time, giving even more agility to managers of media”, explains Marcos Viesti, managing partner of Denakop.

With the rapid growth of advertising, whose investments moved BRL 14.8 billion in 2017 (IAB), publishers have been looking for an alternative that increases revenue and, at the same time, maintains a good experience for their audience. In addition, from the advertiser's perspective, the search is for metrics and technologies that can find the right user for their campaign.

Founded in 2012, Denakop developed, in 2016, an advertising platform based on predictive analysis, which makes it possible to identify the behavior pattern of each user in the face of advertising, in real time, and redirect the segmentation of a campaign, automatically, to another most suitable demographic profile. The ROI of the campaign, of course, ends up being much higher (on average three times) compared to traditional delivery models.

Predictive analytics

Denakop's algorithm is able to understand the correlations between the metrics of each campaign (KPIs) and the demographic profiles of the users responsible for these conversions. From there, what would require three hundred impressions to generate a sale becomes just one hundred demand.

'Presenting an advertisement to the user most likely to buy a particular product is as simple for our algorithm as not showing it to anyone who isn't interested in it. We deliver a technology that is simple to configure and extremely efficient, which attracted the attention of large publishers such as ClicRBS, Unknown Facts, Jornal do Brasil and Metropoles, for example, among others”, explains Luís Machado, founder of Denakop.

Currently, with over 50 partner sites, Denakop manages a total inventory of over 1 billion requests per month. The numbers are the result of the startup's focus on seeking premium publishers, which allows for better inventory trading.

'With this list of pages, we are in contact with the main trading desks in Brazil and the world, to negotiate a higher CPM of the active formats, which would represent a perfect match, something like 'Premium times 3”, which unites the best inventory , the best formats and the best advertisers”, concludes Viesti.

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